Monday, November 13, 2006

Lee Surrenders to Grant

It was the beginning of the end of the Civil War, which had for four long years tore apart the young republic. The horible cost in families and the economy, the devastation of beautiful environments, the animosity, the danger.

It was April the 9th 1865, just 5 days before Abraham Lincolm would be assassinated. And it was just 20 minutes from our apartment in Lynchburg.

We saw the fields were the last battles were fought and looked on the graves of the heroes of Confederacy and Union.

We were able to see the restored home in which Lee surrendered to Grant, under terms determined a few days earlier in a council of war at the newly captured St. Petersburg, with President Lincoln and the Union Generals wanting to create a reconciliation after the war.

As I looked at the actual table upon which Lee signed, I thought about the tradgedy of the affair, in which both sides had justifiable causes, the Confederacy seeking freedom from federal tyrrany, the Union becoming the champions of freedom.... Yes, I was deep in thought when suddenly Karmyn leapt unto the table and started dancing with the General Lee brand hooch in hand.

We are now raising money for bail and paypal donations will be accepted, if you can find it in your heart to help this poor girl, who never know that dancing on a historical monument was illegal (I mean who would?)

She felt really bad, and looked so contrite, that we were able to secure her release.... by means of a local barrister D. Richards whose luxiourious offices assured us of his profundity with the law and ensured our success in achieveing her release.

I had to plead and plead with him to give up his fanciful surroundings and come down to the courthouse. But he finally agreed

We were absolutely delighted and took Mr. Richards for a ride in our new ride, an official Civil War era driving machine!

The General Lee certified authentic cavalry scout vehicle.... Oscar Myer Special.

All and all a good day.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Did anyone say Football?

Like hockey to Canadians... these guys are nuts about their football!

We are talking over 15,000 fans to watch a University game. We are talking 15 minutes of the 6 o'clock news is dedicated to High School football. We are talking marching band and cheerleaders. We are talking about the big news around campus... we don't quite get it, but hey! It is fun none the less!

Gorgeous Fall

Apparently Virginia is know for it's autumn... and now we know why. The leaves and weather have been beautiful. The leaves first went yellow, then red and orange, and now finally they are turning brown and falling off. We just don't get the fire red and bright orange leaves at home anywhere close to this!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Waking Up In Virginia

So I woke me up a weeks ago and as I opened up the blinds, I saw a man pacing back and forth on our neighbors retaining wall... with a GUN! I said to Chad, "There's a man outside the window with a gun."
"Well," Chad said, "We are in Virginia".
"Do you think I should call the police?" I asked. I mean, I was worried.
"I think you should step away from the window," Chad replied!
So we are doing well and most of the time we feel pretty much at home. We never did figure out what he was looking at...

There was a 'mooose' in your 'hooose'?

Monday was not a good day. I mean I think I was quite brave about the whole ordeal... though Chad would probably tell you otherwise. I just hate animals that travel erratically- like birds, bats, mice...

So, I am sitting at the kitchen table (which doubles as my desk seeing as space is at a premium in our apartment) when I hear a SOUND in the corner behind the laundry hamper which we use as a garbage can. There are bags of cans waiting to go to recycling behind the trash. Chad gets up from his studies to come and check it out. He assures me it is just the bags of cans shifting. Fair enough.

15 minutes later it happens again. This time I draw my feet up onto my chair as my imagination starts to get the best of me. Nothing, 'just the bags again'. Ok. But maybe we should move the bags and see if it happens again. Chad humors me.

Like clockwork, 15 minutes later I hear the same small noise. "IT IS BACK!" I announced. At this point I am actually standing up on my chair! Chad sneaks over and tips the trash only to actually lay eyes on our new furry little friend, and quietly and calmly announces "there is your mouse". At which point I did what any rational person who has not even seen the critter would do... I scream! Chad just looks at me like, you didn't even see it. I assure him it matters not.

Out comes the traps (supplied by our landlords... apparently a 1905 house isn't exactly mouse proof!) and the peanut butter and we wait, and wait, and wait. What? Where is the little guy? Nothing. 3 times in a row and now nothing?!?!

Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Until 6:30 am the following morning (and yes we slept in our apartment- see I told you I was brave!) We both wake up, look at each other, look towards the kitchen and Chad says, "I think we got him."

Sure enough. As I head to the bathroom and resisted the urge to lock the door (took some convincing that that actually would not help). Chad got his hockey sticks and did what any good hubby would do... apparently only one back leg had been caught and the mouse had hauled the trap around for a while. At least we were able to supply one of the anonymous neighborhood cats with an easy breakfast!

To make matters worse, I head off to school and regale my classmates with my horrifying story and they all start laughing at my funny accent...."there was a mooose in your hooose?"

Here is my humble attempt at 'blogging'!

Well, after weeks of 'bugging' from my beloved hubby, I for some reason suddenly (while stiting here alone on my one day at home) became compelled to start my own blog. I really don't know what came over me and I am sure that by tomorrow my senses will have come back, but for now, I'm jumping in!

I have not been good at writting emails to keep all our friends and family up to date. Life in Virginia just doens't have as many exciting and strange things to report all the time (I actually kept a daily list in Korea of things to put in our emails!) But, that said, some days we still do feel like we are in a foreign land and we are loving our time here.

So, for those of you who miss the epic email letters, hopefully this will help!